They're growing up!

Four weeks have passed since school started.  You might think I would be in my groove by now, being that all four kids are in school and I get my days to do what I want.  Buy I'm in no groove.  Unless it's the "fly by the seat of my pants" groove.  But I wouldn't have it any other way.  I'm lucky enough to be a stay-at-home mom, and get to chase my kids all over the place to various activities.  Volleyball, Cub Scouts, PTO, Relief Society, piano lessons, activity days, and in just over a month we'll be adding YOUNG WOMEN to that list!!!  So since it's been over a year and a half since my last post, I thought I'd re-introduce you to our kids!

Bailey -
She's eleven.  Going on fourteen.  She loves, loves, loves volleyball.  She's a darn good student too.  Loves reading, hates math.  Enjoys her Spanish class.  Likes boys, although she won't indicate which one she's got her eye on particularly.  I could probably figure it out.  She loves to bake.  Not so much dinner, but the goodies like cookies and brownies.  She's very helpful, and loves babies!  She's a pretty rockin' babysitter!

Sariah -
She's ten.  Also going on fourteen.  And that's not funny!  She also loves, loves, loves volleyball.  She wants to try gymnastics.  And soccer.  And karate.  She's a good student and really speaks up when she doesn't "get" something.  She's SUPER boy crazy!  And she's always more than willing to spill on her latest crush.  I don't even have to ask! She's got an amazing voice!  And some great rhythm. She is super helpful in the kitchen.  She likes to cook, specifically dinner.  I've got it made!

Ryan -
He's nine.  And he's happy to be that, no hurry to grow up which is just how I like it! He's a technology buff.  And he likes science.  He's very polite and always opens the door for his teacher at school.  He is very sensitive, no football or wrestling here....we tried that.  It's too rough he we're trying out some volleyball.  He tried zumbatomic...and even though he was the only boy he LOVED it!  He's quite the piano student...his teacher says he has natural talent.  He loves to read and he loves school.  And he loves cub scouts!

Dallin -
He's our little five year old whiz!  Kindergarten is his favorite place to be other than on his bike.   He's starting to read and spell words out on his own.  He's the shortest KID in his class, it's adorable!  He's very protective of his friends.  And his siblings.  School has brought him out of his shell.  He's our little outdoorsman.  Always wanting to go camping, fishing, ride motorcycles.  He took me for a bike ride yesterday down the canal bank through weeds taller than him!  He's very determined!  Oh....and he LOVES doughnuts!

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Joel and Crystal said...

Loved the update! What a beautiful family you have!!! Enjoy and can't wait to hear more!